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UPDATE 27/08/2019: RECALL- Direct Drive and No.7 pottery wheels.

A fault has been identified in the above wheels, whereby an electric shock can be sustained through the foot pedal.

This can occur if the wiring INSIDE the pedal becomes detached from the potentiometer, or corroded as a result of moisture ingress AND then touches on the metal rod at the top of the pedal.

The most common cause of disruption to the internal wiring is through damage, usually sustained through pedals being dropped/misused.

This can cause detachment of wires, break the plastic casing and seal, allowing moisture ingress and corrosion.

Wires can also twist and potentially break if the nut at the back of the pedal becomes loose.

We advise a visual inspection of the pedal AFTER turning mains power off, and unplugging machine from wall/power board. WAIT FOR RED “STAND BY” light to go off. THIS COULD TAKE UP TO 15 SECONDS.

1.  Inspect the outer casing, ensuring there are no cracks, and that there are no signs of moisture inside the pedal.

2.  Inspect the wires and ensure they are not detached from the potentiometer (small grey or blue plastic device), broken or twisted  in any way.

3.  Ensure nut at back of pedal is tightly fastened.

If satisfied with the above, ongoing use is at the owner’s discretion.

General care of the equipment is important, and if a commercial operation or educational institution, wheels should be regularly tagged and tested.

RCD’s also need to be present in all buildings.

We are devising a remedy and will notify when it is available.

Apologies  to all our loyal customers


UPDATE 25/08/2019:

Following the initial advice from Venco that Direct Drive wheels not be used until they are inspected an update has today been issued to specify that Mains Power is switched off, and cord unplugged, BEFORE inspecting the pedal. Individual organisations will have their own individual policies and procedures to follow regarding electrical safety. Venco will be placing a notice on their website as soon as possible.



On 22/08/2019 Venco advised their agents of a recall to the Direct Drive Wheel. Venco advise that the wheels not be used until they are inspected.

Should you require further information please do not hesitate to contact Venco 08 9399 5265 or The Clay Shed 07 5476 5977.