Northcote Clayworks Clay Bodies

We supply a large range of the Northcote Pottery Supplies / Clayworks Pottery Clay Bodies, ranging from Earthenware through to Stoneware and Porcelain. Please refer to the Product Catalogue for pricing.

earthenware clay bodies - product information

clayworks twe earthenware

A 120#, white firing clay suitable for most production techniques, including throwing, pressing, jigger jollying and hand building.

It offers excellent glaze fit at earthenware temperatures.

Firing at Orton Cone 03 to 02.

northcote clays terracotta

A strong, gutsy, 16# handbuilding body, excellent for burnishing with good green strength. Smooth enough for throwing, it fires a salmon pink to deep, rich orange depending on the firing temperature. Excellent clay for school use, modeling sculptural busts or making garden ornaments etc. Fired with a suitable earthenware glaze to 1100ºC, this clay is ideal for all general handbuilding purposes. Often used in throwing large commercial garden pots.

Bisque Temp 1000ºC – 1100ºC / Glaze Temp 1100ºC

Terracotta clays can be used without glaze at 1000ºC – 1200ºC.

Wet-Dry Shrinkage 6.5%

Dry -1000ºC “ 1.5%

Dry -1100ºC “ 4.5%

Dry -1200ºC “ 5.5%

northcote clays earthenware

A light, creamy white, 10# handbuilding body with good green strength. Quite plastic, yet good for large handbuilt pieces too. An excellent general purpose clay which could be used for beginning throwers as well as handbuilding.

An excellent clay for school students. Does not like to be fired when wet-damp.

Great for sculptural or modelling purposes because of its larger particle size.

Bisque Temp 1000ºC / Glaze Temp 1100ºC

Wet-Dry Shrinkage 6%

Dry -1000ºC “ 1%

Dry -1100ºC “ 3%

Dry -1200ºC “ 5%

midfire clay bodies - product information

clayworks cone 6 white

A fine white 120#, mid-firing clay body.
It is excellent for throwing and other forming techniques.
At Orton Cone 6 it is vitrified and has excellent glaze fit.
Suitable for table ware.

mahogany midfire

This rich, warm-toned clay is perfect for crafting stunning pieces that are sure to make a statement. Mahogany Clay is a dream to work with its smooth, pliable texture. Once fired, it transforms into a beautiful, deep red-brown colour that exudes sophistication and elegance.


Bisque Cone 06-04
Midfire Cone 5-6

clayworks swe - earthenware & stoneware blend

A versatile cream to buff, 120#, earthenware/midfire clay.

It is very tolerant  to firing conditions at ranges of Orton cones 03 to 7.

Glaze fit at 1200ºC.

Great for fine detail and excellent plasticity.


clayworks yg speckle

Yellow speckle, filter pressed midfire body.

An Orton cone 6 and 7 body.


clayworks chris' light speckle

Chris’ Light Speckle Midfire is a 30 mesh light-coloured speckled body maturing at Orton Cone 6 and offering excellent glaze fit.

clayworks cool ice - midfire porcelain

A translucent, low firing, white porcelain. The firing range is 1180ºC to 1240ºC. For best whiteness and translucency fire in reduction.

Mesh: 120#

Bisque: 07 to 05 (Orton cones)

Glaze: 4 to 6 (Orton cones)

Shrinkage: 14% (Wet to fired)


clayworks granite midfire

This gorgeous groggy sculptural clay is so much fun for hand building. Its elasticity is great for being such a groggy clay and the colour variations on the surface are simply stunning.

This clay has no trachyte in the body, so is kind on your kiln shelves.

Shrinkage at Cone 6 is 9%

Absorbancey is 3%.

stoneware clay bodies - product information

clayworks sculptural fine

A 30# body specifically designed for hand building.

It offers a broad firing range and fires to a beautiful sandstone colour.

A wonderful raku body, it is a strong, robust clay that stands up well when thrown.

Fired at Orton Cone 9.

clayworks yg stoneware

An exceptional, 45# filter pressed yellow stoneware body.

A strong throwing clay with a little extra tooth.

It fires to a warm coffee colour and can be used as slip

clayworks lgh

A 60 mesh stoneware clay, excellent for throwing and hand-building.
Easy to throw, great for beginners through to the most experienced throwers.
Mesh: 60#
Bisque: 06 to 07 (Orton cones)
Glaze: 8 to 11 (Orton cones)
Shrinkage: 12% (Wet to fired)

clayworks rgh

LGH with the addition of a small amount of iron oxide, giving it a warm brown colour.
Mesh: 60#
Bisque: 06 to 07 (Orton cones)
Glaze: 8 to 11 (Orton cones)
Shrinkage: 12% (Wet to fired)

clayworks jb3

Fine, white/grey stoneware clay, specially formulated for the production potter.
JB3 has excellent working properties, is very plastic and fires to a high quality grey/white finish.
Mesh: 120#
Bisque: 06 to 05 (Orton cones)
Glaze: 8 to 10 (Orton cones)
Shrinkage: 11% (Wet to fired)

northcote clay - stoneware ps3010

An off-white, 16#, plastic stoneware body with excellent throwing characteristics for beginning throwers and makers of larger forms.

This body has excellent green strength and is easily re-cycled after throwing.  Used extensively by production potters for domestic ware, this off-white body is best suited to coloured glaze decoration. Fires to white with a grey tint at 1300ºC.

A good general handbuilding stoneware for modelling and sculpting.

Will show excellent coloured glaze effects at 1300ºC.

Bisque Temp 1000ºC – 1100ºC / Glaze Temp 1280ºC

 Wet-Dry Shrinkage 5% Dry-1000ºC 1% Dry -1100ºC 3.5% Dry -1200ºC 6% Dry -1300ºC 10%

northcote clay - raku handbuilding

An open, white, sandy body ideally suited to raku firing and thermal shock situations.

Equally good for handbuilding rugged sculptural forms. Fires to a stone-like appearance, not unlike granite at 1300ºC.

Bisque Temp 1000ºC / Glaze Temp 1100ºC-1300ºC

Wet-Dry Shrinkage 3%

Dry -1000ºC: 1%

Dry -1100ºC: 1.5%

Dry -1200ºC: 4%

Dry – 1300ºC: 5%

porcelain clay bodies - product information

clayworks jb1

White firing porcelain, possessing excellent plasticity and green strength, making it suitable for large objects, as well as, the most delicate pieces.
JB1 can be fired as low as 1200ºC but develops better strength at 1260ºC to 1300ºC.
Mesh: 120#
Bisque: 012 to 06 (Orton cones)
Glaze: 7 to 10 (Orton cones)
Shrinkage: 11% (Wet to fired)

southern ice porcelain

Truly magnificent, translucent, white porcelain.
For best whiteness and translucency fire in reduction.
Mesh: 120#
Bisque: 07 to 05 (Orton cones)
Glaze: 8 to 10 (Orton cones)
Shrinkage: 14% (Wet to fired)

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