Walkers Ceramics Underglazes

Underglazes are decorative colours applied to ware before the application of glaze, or they can be put over glaze (prior to firing), they can also be considered as a “paint for clay”.


When you visit us in store, you will see sample tiles of the colours within each range. 


Cesco Underglazes are concentrated underglaze stains in a beautiful flowing brushing medium.  They are fully ball milled, lead free and non toxic. They all have a high percentage of stain, giving strong reliable colours when fired at either earthenware or stoneware. There are 32 colours with a silky smooth application which are bottled ready to use OR they can be extended with FK110 Colour Extender or water and will still retain good colour intensity. Adding FK100 Flux Extender turns them into beautiful colours suitable for majolica decoration.  They can be intermixed within the range and also with Wunder Colours and Design Colours


Design Colours are ball milled, lead free and non toxic. With Design Colours you can decorate with confidence as all colours reflect the final fired colour except for FK21 Cobalt Sea, which appears mauve in the bottle but actually fires to a deep, vibrant blue.  This means you can use your creativity and decorate your work trusting your eye.  The technical expertise of our ceramic engineers and laboratory staff has enabled us to provide the ceramic industry with Australian made, lead free, liquid colour concentrates of the highest standard.  This range has numerous decorative applications that can give effects from opaque to translucent.

  • Magnificent vibrancy on stoneware – even better on earthenware.
  • 25 ball-milled colours – the STRONGEST ever developed.
  • Beautiful silky flow characteristics that will not powder when dry
  • Can be applied to greenware or bisque
  • Perfect for majolica
  • All colours are completely inter-mixable within the range or with our range of Cesco Underglazes and Wunder Colours.
    Ready to use, or economize with our specialist Extenders:  FE100 Flux Extender for majolica and special effects and FE110 Colour Extender for all temperatures.

wunder underglaze range

Wunder Colours are clay based, lead free underglazes of the highest standard and are the result of intensive development and testing.  Wunder colours are opaque, brush on colours, very easy for beginner or professional to use, whereas Design Colours are a pure colour concentrate giving brighter, clearer intense colours at both earthenware and stoneware.

  • Lead free, ready to use colours – Australian made
  • Suitable for stoneware and earthenware
  • Developed to suit all skill levels and techniques
  • Completely inter-mixable within the range
  • Compatible and inter-mixable with the Cesco Underglazes and Design Colours
  • Can be applied to greenware or bisque
  • Beautiful silky flow characteristics – will not powder when dry
  • Economise with our specialist Extenders  –  FE100 Flux Extender for Majolica and special effects and FE110 Colour Extender for all temperatures.

All information sourced from Walkers Ceramics.